Monday, March 2, 2009

Le Miserable

Okay, first let's establish that I am just being silly...

I am guilty of committing the unpardonable error! *Ahem!*When I type Unpardonable Error, I am referring to one of two things. The first is calling an Alpaca a "Llama" in the presence of an Alpaca lover. What happens when you call an Alpaca a Llama? The aforesaid alpaca lover turns slowly, with murderous eyes and gives a look that could quell Porthos if he weren't already dead. On this green earth, you will never receive such a look. These Alpaca people are dead serious when it comes to Alpacas, and it is a deadly trial to them to hear their Alpacas (of which it must be stated are much cuter) called "Llamas." (Exception: Amy! She is too nice to give murderous glances that chill the heart. Go read her blog: Sunny Sky, in my sidebar.)

The second is perhaps ten times as worse; it is to skip the 30 page description of the Battle of Waterloo in Le Miserable.

As I have laboured in the vocation of Alpaca Pasture Maintainer for almost three years, it is highly unlikely that the first fault is mine.

No, I have done the worst: I skipped that passage! With a smirk of triumph on my face, I flipped, and flipped, and flipped and flipped and flipped until finally! I came to the almost end, you know, the part where Thenarder is looting the battlefield. Then, I proceeded to read as if nothing had happened! And I don't even feel the least guilty because I am reading the tome solely for enjoyment, and that everlasting passage did certainly most NOT provide any enjoyment of mind or soul.

I guess now that I've made clean of it and made my poor gentle readers read about my lazy reading, I have ultimately decided that it is not an unpardonable error to skip the battle of Waterloo scene. There now remains only Alpaca name calling.


equus delirus said...

that is not cool that's like calling a black horse black when it has a white patch on it. =}

Libby said...

I'm sorry(Amy), I can't tell a Llama from a Alpaca. They both look like small Camels to me-AND they spit like them too!


Peach said...

Hey Equus-

Are you going to allow a comment section on your blog?

(Sorry, Ophelia, that I have to communicate with other bloggers through your blog!)

Peachy Keen

Bracie said...

Do I know Equus? Show yourself!

Karen said...

Libby, that made me laugh...Now, a goat? A goat is a goat is a goat.


The Berean Academy said...

To all those concerned Equus is aka Will and yes his comment link has been fixed :p !!!

Nicole said...

You did what?!? But I can't accuse you because I don't see the difference either (between the two animals), and I have never read the book.