Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here is a lovely photograph from a speech tournament. Actually, it is from two years ago because we are horrid at remembering to bring our camera. This picture is of Bracie proudly rising to receive her award, or at least it was supposed to be. It was the magic moment: Bracie was shaking the metacarpus of the regional coordinator or something and I pressed the button, but I forgot that our not-so-beloved camera only takes the picture about three seconds later. I lowered my hands, snapping this gorgeous photo of somebody's yellow shirt.

I am a great photographer, huh?
So, if you were present at the NCFCA 2006 Appletree National Open, sitting at the back right corner of the room at the awards ceremony and wearing a yellow shirt, raise your hand.
Anyway, that's where Bracie and I were this weekend and where we will be next weekend: at a speech tournament.


Peach said...

Man, I miss you guys. Say hi to all my friends there for me.

Nicole said...

My camera does that too. It's so annoying.

Ophelia, we played that camera game where you try to get pictures of the other players while not getting seen yourself. I personally think I won, but I know the others think that about themselves. (I should have commented on the entry you did about the game but I couldn't find it):(