Monday, March 23, 2009

The Zoo is enlargening!

Lottie, our dear cat, (See above picture [we don't have very recent pictures!]) had four kittens on the 12th.

This is Chauncy, or at least that is his name for now. One looks like her mom. Until they develop more distinct personalities, I am calling the other two Boba and Jango because they resemble each other exactly.

And as well as these feline additions, we have acquired Mango and Tango, two orange fish whose particular variety I cannot precisely remember at this moment in time.


Keilah said...

Oh my! I didn't even know she was "expecting". Did you?

Nicole said...

Lottie had kittens!?! When I last saw her she didn't look like she was "expecting"! Which one is your favorite?

Libby said...

Ooooo I so want to meet them =)

I like the names Boba and Jango


Skyla said...

Lottie's kittens are cute.