Wednesday, July 15, 2009

GASP!!! A tag?

Everybody knows that tags are stratchy, and they never stay tucked in, and they are hot and uncomfortable.

Yes, this is a blog tag. Yes, Ophie is doing a tag. Yes, she now has a policy on tags. Yes, she will tell it to you.
But first, is it confusing when I talk in third person? Bracie and I do it all the time, usually unintentionally.
Alrighty, my policy on tag is that I am going to do tags, (assuming I ever get tagged,) all at once, once a month. Why? To answer that, you need to know my opinion of tags:

I think tags are neat, but in very moderate moderation. I hope that by doing tags just once a month, then I won't be drowning anybody in them.

I was tagged by Lib and Jare:

KFC, Popeyes, or Church's

Hmmmm... Hmmm... Hmmm... The only one I've ever been to is KFC, but as my dear mother would say, something about the chicken there tastes extra-dead.

Chick-fil-a or What-a-burger?

What? Never tasted either. This quiz seriously must have originated in a different region. But I'll say Chick-fil-a, because it sounds much more ridiculous.

Starbucks of McCafe?

I think we have four wonderful seasons for a reason. How could I ever decide?

Do you ever talk to yourself?

Of course, for occasionally I have a need to talk to someone at my intelligence level: Me! However, I don't think I could tell you if that is a good thing (since I am so superior in brains) or a bad thing (since I am a couple watts short of a lightbulb.)

Do you have a favorite treat you like to buy on occasion?

Always remember this: everything in moderation except for ice cream

.Do you believe the Bible is the literal word of God and is infallible?

Yes! Let's start a discussion on the Verbal Plenary Inspiration of Scripture!

What's your favorite sport?
I really don't care for watching any professional sports, but as for playing: football or soccer.
What color is your iPod?
I don't own one. My Mp3 player is one of those ten dollar ones you can buy at drugstores. I really do love music, I simply like listening to it as an activity that draws people together even more than I do just listening to it by myself.

Thank you! Thank you! Ophelia accepts the applause gratefully, glad to know that everyone really wants to know about her ipod.

I tag:

As for the other tag, I was tagged by Kei, at looking through the lense. In this tag, one must go to their photos and pick the sixth file, and then find the sixth photo. I actually prefer the number seven, so I (ahead of looking) chose to do sevens. Here we have it:

If you'll notice, Ava, Bracie, Gabby, Aubrey and I all have smudges of charcoal on our noses. I can't exactly recall why we do, and I thus conclude that it was one of those ridiculous, fun, spur of the moment impulses. Impusivity is not always a good quality, but it sure makes for fun photos!

Because this is such a fun tag, I shall tag seven people!









Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag! This can be fun... =)

Hannah said...

LOL, nice...^_^


Anonymous said...

Soo... What do you do when you've been tagged? I really don't get it.

Jare and Lib said...

*clap clap clap*


Problematic said...

What am I supposed to do?

Ashley said...

I don't have that many files but I'll work with what I got.

Equus Delirus said...

Thanks for da tag

Annie C. Landon (Corissa T.) said...

::laughs:: I thought the charcoal smudges were flies that you drew on your noses to attract abstract attention from peeps!!