Sunday, November 16, 2008


For those of you who haven't realized already...
Asher and Trey aren't really my second cousins. Asher and Trey aren't really Asher and Trey. Asher and Trey don't really exist.

And now the terrible truth comes out:

Asher and Trey are really Ophelia and Bracie.

Yes, folks, it's true. These strapping young gentlemen are actually the talented, clever, beautiful and humble Ophelia and Bracie.

Er, um, wait a minute. Wrong Ophelia and Bracie. These are the ugly stupid Bracie and Ophelia.

That's better. Anyway, aren't you shocked? Actually, probably most of you guessed and thought it was quite hilarious.



Keilah said...

Yes, that was quite funny.

How did you get that last picture of Bracie?

The Reluctant Dragon said...

Well, somebody STOLE it. From you. But it wasn't the beautiful, clever and talented Sophia, it was her ugly evil twin.

Keilah said...

Ooohhhh. :cD

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of you girls looking the spinx. Better watch out though, or your face might get stuck like that.

your mother

ps,no more stealing