Thursday, December 4, 2008


So, the poll is up and now my new video camera finally has a name; the name of Audie! Audie, the video camera. Doesn't that have a wonderfully melodious ring to it? My video camera is named after the super-awesome Audie Murphy.
Thank you, everyone for spending some of your precious time voting on a blog poll. May you never regret it. I will now christen the camera by breaking a bottle of champagne over it.
On second thought, liquid has never been good for electronics, and I'm not entirely certain that my video camera could survive the blow.
This, so far, is a really boring post. You see, in celebration of the fact that my camera is named, I was going to post a video. However, my parents are still unsure whether or not I should post it because it might be too weird; not bad in any way, just too weird. Sounds just like me.


Keilah said...

Boo hoo!

But yay for you. :cD

Libby said...


I looked him up, AWESOME!!!!