Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lucy Griffiths- my opinion.

Just so everyone knows, I have only seen the first season of BBC Robin Hood. The beautiful Lucy Griffiths as Maid Marian- she's brighter, snazzier, smarter, faster, and bigger than Robin Hood! She is gorgeous and amazing and utterly cool, from her incredible fashion sense, to her longbow skills, to her amazing strategic abilities, from her night-watchman mask, to her commanding comportment that inspires all around her.

Can Robin do it? She can do it better! She did it first! After all everybody knows it was really Marian's idea.

No matter what anyone does, she wants to steal the show and do it her way. Not only that, but she must tear everyone down in the process. Constantly, she berates and criticizes Robin, never trying to help.

And the ironic thing? Somehow, despite how annoying she is, Robin manages to continue caring for her. Despite her resemblance to a nagging fishwife, she manages to steal his heart. Is anyone else sensing an inconsistency? Is that a realistic relationship?

How is everyone able to see past her faults? I don't understand. To me, it seems as though everyone is so impressed by the external Marian that they cannot look at her internal character.

Not only is she flawed, she is annoying! Being flawed is a universally shared characteristic, but it isn't necessary to be annoying.
Ephesians 4:28 makes this important applicable command:

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

I did not hear Lucy's Marian say anything that built anyone up in the entire first season. Nothing about her character is sweet or beautiful.

Robin Hood is not meant to be uxorious!

Don't get me wrong: I would love to have her archery skills or her amazing clothes or whatever, but her pride and sharp tongue leave much to be desired.

I would love to hear that she curbs her critical spirit. I would love to hear about her encouraging someone. Please comment and tell me she reforms!

PS: And my other complaints about BBC Robin Hood:

The Merry Men were not Merry. Nor were they charming. Or witty. =P


Marian said...

Not trying to defend BBC Marian's faults--in many ways, 1938 Marian was a lot better--but her "attitude" and annoyingness is somewhat understandable, considering that she really doesn't have anyone to guide her, and probably hadn't for years. I definitely think she's pretty immature at times, and doesn't always make the right choice.

However, I will say that Season 2 is, overall, WAY better than Season 1. Unfortunately, I can't say that Marian really improves, but I don't think she tries to "steal the show" so much, except when she temporarily joins the gang [you'd probably want to skip that episode ;)]

I guess the best way to explain Robin's love for her is that maybe he pities her, or maybe she was a nicer person before he went away, and he still loves the old Marian he knew before.

As for the Merry Men, well, they might not be merry, but they are really funny at times!

Amanda Flynn said...

I personally didn't feel that she was always trying to outdo Robin Hood. In my opinion, most of the problems stemmed from his attitude and behavior. Marian felt that he had abandoned both her and the people of England. Then he came waltzing back and expected to pick up where they had left off and that Marian would essentially "hand over the reins." As much as her attitude left some things to be desired, he was the ultimate jerk. ;)

Don't get me wrong, the Robin Hood in this version is my favorite, and I think the fact that both he and Marian are hugely flawed human beings adds interest and depth to an otherwise cliched story line.

My only real regret about the series was that some things were left unresolved. When she "died", Robin says "I never told her I loved her." She comes back to life and what does he do? Kiss her, yeah, but never tells her what he had regretted. What a doofus. :P

Anyway... just had to jump in here. Although I don't agree with all of Marian's methods, I think that she shows a good balance between feminine and courageous. Taken to extremes at times, but still. ;)

Peach said...

I have only one nit to pick w/o getting too nitpicky: Height has NOTHING to do with being matched!!! I know quite a few amazing AND simply gorgeous couples where the husband just happens to be an inch to a couple inches shorter. But that's not what I see when i look at them. I see wonderfully matched couples. Anywho, there's my $0.02.---P

Amanda Flynn said...

Oh yes - I completely forget to comment on the height thing! lol. Lucy is not taller than him. Jonas Armstrong is 6', maybe 6'1" (trying to remember from IMDB) and Lucy Griffiths is 5'6". I think the picture just makes it look a wee bit funny - he's not actually standing on anything.

Lady Nai said...

My favorite thing about the BBC series IS the realisticness (not a word...hmm...) of the characters. They ALL annoy me at times. But they seem real, with real problems...pride is a thing BOTH Marian and Robin could work on. *bonks both*

By the way - second season all the way! Sooo much better!

~Nai from the OYAN forum, professor of Robinhoodology and...yeah...

Click said...

Interesting... I haven't seen the series yet, but I'm curious.